• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Zara suit

Suit – Zara

Crop top – eBay

Heels – ASOS

I posted about this suit before here. I couldn’t afford the £90 price tag for the suit so think how I felt when I saw this suit for 55 euros in Tarragona in the sale. They didn’t have the trousers for sale there but I actually prefer the shorts! I also thought the shorts weren’t for sale in the UK but my local store seemed to have suddenly got them in stock this week 🙁 As you can see the shorts are a little baggy around the waist. XS was a little tight but a S is too big. Cannot win!

All I need now is a trip to the French Riviera so I can walk along the harbour in this suit – or is it just me who thinks this when I see this suit? Any excuse for a holiday!

I’ve just started work at a luxury fashion designer in Chelsea so I think I may wear this outfit one day at the studio. Well, with a different top as this may be a little revealing for work! Although the weather today is awful, where has the sun gone? I hope it warms up again as I cannot get enough of this beautiful weather! I wore this outfit on a scorching day, so hot that I had to carry the blazer. I went to a brewery AGM in Wandsworth where we had a free lunch and unlimited wine and beer – how amazing right!?

#Asos #ebay #Vintage #Zara

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