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YSL Volume Effet mascara

False lash effect mascara by YSL, no I haven’t spelt ‘effet’ wrong in the title! I’ve never paid this much before for a mascara, £23, but I’ve heard good things about this so fancied trying it out! (Admittedly I never read any reviews before buying, but I heard from friends and family it was good!)

(Must admit the packaging is so nice compared to other mascaras!)

My first impression – I love the smell of it! Possibly the best smelling mascara I’ve ever tried.

The brush.

To get the volume effect, I had to put on like a base coat of another mascara to get the look from the YSL mascara I wanted. When I tried it alone, it wasn’t as ‘volumising’ as I expected but it was still good! I’ve still been using my Rimmel mascaras alone and I can actually notice the difference, YSL creates bold lashes without clumps so much easier. I’m trying to use the YSL mascara less as I don’t want it to run out too soon as it’s expensive to replace! 🙁

I used Rimmel Max Bold Curves mascara as the base coat. I often wear two mascaras to get the volume effect that I want so I’m not putting down the mascara for this, it is probably one of the best I have tried for boldness and thickness. I would like to buy it again, if it was cheaper! Or possibly try another YSL mascara to compare!

The final outcome! (Embarrassing photos haha)

Unlike other mascaras, I’ve found it’s a bit harder to wash off with my normal eye make up remover! This has put me off buying the mascara again as I don’t want to harm my eyes by trying to keep rubbing it off. Although saying that, for the look it gives I would buy it again 😛

Have you tried any YSL mascaras before ?

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