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You Go Glen Coc…


Top – eBay

Skirt – Glamorous

Keeping the Mean Girls theme going, I am a big fan!

I love buying these logo t-shirts from eBay, you can get some really great tops and some fantastic dupes I just sometimes find them so hard to pair. So far I have worn this top with purple disco pants and this skirt which I managed to grab for £10 in the ASOS sale when I had previously tried it on in House of Fraser and was so tempted to get it for double or triple that. So glad I didn’t now!

My clothes shopping obsession is still going strong HOWEVER last week I sent back a £60 ASOS order. Amazed by myself but I do have a load of new Motel Rocks things to show you all over the next few weeks! Hopefully I can get some nice photos and a good wear out of my new summer purchases if the weather is as lovely as it is meant to be!

#ebay #Glamorous

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