• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Yellow Coat

Coat – Primark

Playsuit – Motel Rocks

Boots – Topshop

As you can tell from previous posts I like my hair bright but my clothes brighter.

I fell in love with this beautiful coat from M&S but £250 is WAY too pricey for me so this £25 Primark alternative is good enough for me. I can be quite a shy person so I feel I express myself mainly through my clothes and that’s what fashion is all about. I may not say many words but I can say it through my style instead! But saying that, once you get talking to me I don’t stop…

I went for a plainer playsuit, firstly as I didn’t want anything too bright to take away the attention from the coat and secondly this day I had work and I also went back to my old university (Kingston) to talk about my career and how I felt as a third year to third year students. I had to keep it quite smart but comfortable.

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