• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Summer has arrived!

Jokey pout 😉

Jacket – Barbour

Dress – eBay

Boots – eBay

I really don’t think these pictures show how nice this dress is! I got this for Christmas from eBay and although it has a ASOS label in it…not real…I’m sure they sold a similar dress last summer in Zara.

After a lovely sunny past week, it seems as though summer is on its way and it’s time to bring out the rest of the bright summer dresses, ditch the jackets and get rid of these black tights!

Sadly I’ll be missing out on the sunny days now I’m working 9-5.30, but I will be making the most of the summer evenings. I love the warm, summer evenings in London and I’m loving my new job, so I’m so excited for this summer!

I finished uni over a month ago now (wow that’s gone fast already!) and I’m now working in PR and at the moment I’m not missing uni at all. Everything is so new and exciting I haven’t got time to think about it and I’m actually really forward about going to work tomorrow!

Check out my post below too, I’ve been so busy with work and seeing friends lately I haven’t had much time to blog/promote my posts!

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