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Wynwood Kitchen And Bar Miami Review

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Wynwood Kitchen And Bar Miami, reviewed by guest writer Kirsty Braik-Scivyer.

Famous for its psychedelic murals, stunning portraits and gorgeous Dali esque paintings, the Wynwood Walls are a haven for artists, writers and sculptors as well as the flocks of tourists who pay a visit to this fantastic free art show every day.

In 2009, The Wynwood Walls were created by Tony Goldman who imagined an altogether more colourful, authentic neighbourhood, inspiring him to collect the greatest street art collection ever assembled – on the walls of six giant industrial warehouses! Since its inception over 70 artists from 18 countries have seen their work displayed on the Wynwood Walls and the art changes regularly. It is floodlit at night and provides the most amazing, inspirational and unique background as you dine.

The atmosphere at the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is relaxed, friendly and welcoming with an artistic vibe and it’s a great place to network. Inside, the decor is sumptuous, vibrant and oriental themed with a floor-to-ceiling wallpapered mural by famed street artist Shepard Fairey. In the bar area and in the dining room bright panoramic canvases by Christian Awe and a futuristic painting by Santiago Rubino adorn the room.

While the buzzing patio outside is all about colour, cartoons and casual dining which fits perfectly with the tapas style menu, global flavours and excellent selection of bespoke cocktails, artisanal beers and international wines. Having spent a good few hours touring the walls, taking pictures and capturing gorgeous street art, we were definitely ready to see what Chef Miguel Aguilar and the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar had up their sleeves. The venue can be a little pricey due to where and what it is, so we chose to stick to five easy to share tapas dishes including:

Ceviche Mixto, an individual platter of citrus marinated shrimp, scallop, choclo, cilantro, red onion, sweet potato,corn nuts, and crispy squid.

Well, as always, when you order so many dishes at once some are going to be definite hits and others pretty big misses! I should have known I was taking a bit of a risk when my husband Ben raised his eyebrows at the Ceviche, yes that is specially prepared raw fish which was cold, slimy and just felt weird in my mouth. To make matters worse the sweet potato was disappointingly raw too! However, it wasn’t all bad the crispy octopus were pretty tasty once you dove in! Rated: 1/5

Pan Seared Florida Fish with a corn salsa, fennel & herb salad.

The Pan Seared Florida Fish was soft, white, well cooked and simply fell apart in the mouth and served with a gorgeous sweet n spicy corn salsa plus crisp red onions that gave the dish texture and crunch. I loved this dish and could have easily eaten a full size portion. Rated: 5/5

Devilish Eggs with capers, paprika, parsley.

A good Devilled Egg should have plenty of paprika, a good dollop of mayo, a few capers and not be too hard or too soft! These were bang on the money but it would have been nice to have seen a couple more on the plate. Rated: 4/5

Flautas: A burrito style dish with shredded short rib, chihuahua cheese wrapped in flour tortillas topped with cilantro, guacamole, salsa and cream.

They say that you should save the best till last so let’s talk about La Flautas, a gorgeous meaty mega mix of rib, gooey cheese, soft floury tortilla and fresh guacamole, zesty salsa and cooling cream. This dish was presented beautifully, tasted fantastic and really hit the spot! Rated: 5/5

As if all that wasn’t enough we also opted for some fresh Hummus, pitta chips and roasted veg, which were delicious.

Fresh Hummus, pita triangles and sliced veg meant a crisp, cleansing starter with good crisp pita portions and a tasty, filling hummus blended with the tang of paprika and served with crunchy sweet cucumber. Rated: 3/5

Ben and I were too full to have a pudding each, so our server craftily suggested we split a guava coated Bread and Butter Pudding. Oh my, it was sticky, sweet and drenched in a heavenly guava sauce. Sadly, my tastebuds aren’t quite as sweet as my husband’s so this square of sugar defeated me quite early which left him to polish off the rest. Rated: Me – 3/5 Ben – 5/5

To sum it up, the menu at the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is like the beautiful walls themselves, some dishes are incredible, visual masterpieces that taste amazing. Others make you wonder how on earth they got chosen in the first place. Then there are those that grow on you, where you can only see the beauty gradually until suddenly it hits you all at once.

Wynwood Kitchen And Bar

2550 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33127


Written by Kirsty Braik-Scivyer

Kirsty is a freelance journalist who has written for Bauer media and Vidados. Catch her tweeting @eclipse1473.

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