• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Wireless festival

I can’t believe Wireless has already been & gone, I booked the tickets for our one year anniversary present (although that isn’t for another month :P) about 5 months ago & it felt like July was so far away!

I got hit by a pepsi ball which was very muddy, had to wipe off most of my make up!

Wiz Khalifa


Suddenly a huge line of about 30 people went past us all holding hands, there was JLS, The Saturdays, TOWIE & other celebs I didn’t recognise, I was too shocked to get a photo so just got this of someone from JLS 😛

My favourite! Nicki Minaj! 😀

Day 2

By Sunday it was SO SO muddy compared to the day before!

Rihanna ahhhh !

I had a great weekend at Wireless. The weekend didn’t start off well as when I entered Hyde Park, opposite Park Lane Hilton entrance, we saw a group of girls with their shorts and knickers around their ankles squatting to go to the toilet…this wasn’t a rare site over the weekend! It didn’t start the day off well and I really didn’t think the festival was my scene at first. But in the end it turned out great and I would probably go again 😛

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