• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Winter Chic

Wearing more plaid!

Jacket & Boots – Topshop

Dress – River Island

Lipstick – NYX Lip Cream in London

So I finally got a new camera for Christmas, I officially own my very own Canon and I don’t have to keep borrowing Karl’s (he’s still photographer though ;)). Here are some of the first shots we took with the camera at Christmas. I’m so excited to start expanding the blog and improving the quality of photography.

I made good use of the sales and went on a bit of a spree (which I am regretting now when I look at my bank balance). I picked up a few items including this jacket and dress.

I love this casual look and I’m still managing to avoid black tights due to the mild (ish) weather but I am sure this will change soon. I am heading to Riga on Saturday where is currently -18 degrees so I think I’m going to have to go for comfort over fashion. Expect outfit photos with me wearing about five jumpers!

To continue my lipstick obsession I recently purchased a few NYX matte lip creams. I’ve always wanted to try them so I visited their stand at Selfridges just before Christmas during my beauty splurge. In these photos I am wearing the shade ‘London’. I absolutely adore it and it’s such a steal at £5.50.

A few readers have requested beauty posts so I plan on writing a few beauty (mainly lipstick focused) posts within the next month or so. I’ve also been posting a few favourites on my Instagram.

Photography by Karl Cowell

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