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When in Rhodes anything goes

Faliraki. The best holiday ever.

This will probably change once I return from Salou (where I am right now, this is a scheduled post!)

I’ve never not wanted to leave a place so bad. I’ve been looking at returning this summer but sadly I don’t have a money tree so I don’t know if this is possible. So many places were offering jobs, I think we got asked randomly about three or four times? If I didn’t have so many things planned between now and September I would do it. Maybe next year?

Faliraki is such a lovely place, it isn’t anything like you see on Sun, Sex and Suspicious parents like Kavos, Malia etc. (Although I actually want to visit these places in the future, just to see what it’s like!) Yes there was a lot of partying but I wouldn’t say it was too crazy!

We went with Club 18-30 and as we were the first arrivals the group was quite small but we loved it. We made so many great friends and everyone got along so well. With such a small group it felt like just going out at home with your close friends. Everyone Faliraki knows each other too, it was such a small little community I loved it. It looks like such a fun and friendly place to work. When and if I find the time I’m hoping to write in more detail about this trip on my travel blog!

Cocktails by the pool

Our 18-30 Club wristbands

This photo makes me laugh so much, my hair is so crazy here haha! This is what an hour all inclusive bar does to you!

I went away with my best friend Sarah. This photo was taken whilst we were waiting for me to have my tattoo done!

I have wanted this tattoo since I was a child so thought, why not finally get it? I did plan on doing this before I went so don’t go thinking this was some drunken mistake hahah!

After the boat party, boat party after party and having my tattoo done! We rested for a few hours before hitting the strip again!

This night was our night off from the events we booked from Club 18-30. This was the night I said would be quiet. I ended up getting home at 6.30am…

Above & below: In Omega waiting to have my tattoo done!

Above – hitting the beach…it rained 🙁

Above & below – Our last night out. Frat party and foam party. SO much fun! This night we got home at 12.30am so it wasn’t too crazy!

A dress I ordered from Missguided in May but haven’t featured on my blog yet. A group of people kept calling me tin foil girl or bin bag dress. HOW RUDE. Got to love comments like this, just shows your clothes made an impact on someone I guess???? hahaha! Least people noticed my passion for fashion, even if it wasn’t in the nicest way!

I’m so happy I had Salou to look forward to as Faliraki seriously gave me holiday blues. I’ve never had so much fun and I cannot wait for more times like this!

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