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What I want to buy next!

I love reading fashion blogs, that’s why I started this just to introduce people to clothes and products because thats why I enjoy reading other peoples blogs. So from reading others blogs I’ve come up with a list of things I want to hopefully try over the next few weeks.

  1. Harrods Glossybox – Okay, everyone seems to be blogging about this, I’ve done my research and can’t seen to understand how everyone is getting them and how much they are. I want one!

  2. John Frieda repair collection – apparently it’s better than Aussie so I need to get my hands on this!

  3. Topshop nail tattoos – Some say they rub off within an hour but others have said they last up to 5 days, for £7 it’s quite expensive but I may have to try these!

  4. ProActiv – I read about a month ago in the Daily Mail that Boots have started selling this but I have looked ever since and none seem to have it! I think I’ll order it online soon when I can afford it, £39.99 is a lot but it might be worth it if it does work!

Also heres my update on the clothes I’m wanting this week!

(Although I’ve bought so many clothes lately)

I’ve never tried these sort of tops before, but I like having a range of different clothes and styles.

River Island

Looking at this shirt here, I’ll admit it looks pretty ugly! But I was watching a haul video from my favourite blog – SoTotallyVlog – and she bought this shirt and surprisingly it looked so nice on! It depends how you style it.

Urban Outfitters

I already have one Jones+Jones dress which I haven’t worn yet but I love them so much and really want another, this is new in stock and I’m loving this!


I also saw this top on SoTotallyVlog and it looked really nice on, it’s not normally what I’d go for but like food, I like trying new things 😛


As you can see in my previous posts I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, above are a copy from Missguided, they aren’t as good but seeing as I don’t wear heels a lot, at £40.99, this seems a lot better price at £120. I won’t have to worry about not getting my wear out of them!

Another pair of Missguided shoes, I like this for the studs!

I really like the pattern on these, but they look so short and I want to be able to wear these in the summer without tights and without showing my bum!

I’ve never ordered off of Missguided before but noticed they have some really good copies on there, I may have to try them out sometime soon!

I love crosses so obviously I liked this immediately, it’s a bit like a Topshop top and they sell it in loads of colours.


More Missguided, a copy of River Island shorts and similar to some sold in Topshop at the moment.

(I have the same shorts and tights as Rihanna, but I bought them last year! 😉 )

I have the shorts above in a light denim from Topshop from the SS2010 collection, but I’m liking this Missguided style ones and they are a bit cheaper too!

These are like an exact copy of River Island shorts I liked from Missguided.

I’m not a big fan of sandals, but as I’m going away this summer I might get a pair and although they look quite plain I wouldn’t mind trying out these from Topshop.

Saw this dress in Zara last week, I really like it but this picture has put me off a bit, it doesn’t hang as nice as I expected!

Another one of those tops (first one posted in this post) where you will probably need a strapless or more likely a backless bra. Would love to wear the above dress(?) top(?) with pumps or even DMs!


Obsessed with Topshop Leigh jeans and my bright colours!

This is a bit plain for me! But I love the top style.

I don’t like this top, wouldn’t wear it but I’m posting it because it reminds me of myself because I’m constantly tweeting! (@roxannehs)

River Island

All the shorts above are from the Vintage Renewed section at Urban Outfitters. I was in there a few days ago and saw so much I wanted from this section, although they are quite pricey but so nice! They have lovely jumpers, sweaters and dresses too!

I wouldn’t wear these shoes, although I do love my bright colours for creepers I’m sticking to black but I LOVE this colour of creepers, so girly and so this season! (pastels)

These are from Underground and can be bought from Urban Outfitters.

ASOS have 25% off for students until tomorrow and I am SO tempted! 25%! I may have to go get my NUS card…

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