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What I’ve been up to recently…

Wow, this week has been my last week at uni. First year is technically over, except I still have a lot of work to hand in!

I can’t believe my first year is over already, seems like yesterday I started.

Anyway, I won’t bore you any longer (or will I :S?)

Here are some photos from my week!

On Monday night I went to the pub with my family and boyfriend to watch the Man Utd & Man City game. Before we went we put a few bets on the match, never done this before 😛

I ended up winning £11.25…but spent £10 on bets so only a £1.25 profit!

On Wednesday, we went to see Avengers Assemble 3D! After went to Frankie & Benny’s where they do the best goats cheese and onion bread ever <3

Thursday I went to Wagamama with Emily for the first time, we forgot to take photos of our food so this was all I could get…

My cousin Harry gave me these, they are amazing!

After moving back home Friday I went to Camden with my family on Saturday 🙂

Cocktails at The Cuban in Camden!

Love my mums new phone case!

I went clubbing Sunday to celebrate the bank holiday with Ben and some friends 🙂

An old photo that we took back in March, which Ben finally uploaded, when it was actually warm!

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