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What I’ve been up to!

Although I do love being at uni it’s so nice to be home, but I have been pretty busy getting my essays done 🙁 I’ve still had a really great week though.

On Monday I went for a meal with my boyfriends family which was really nice – sadly no photos of this day! 🙁

On Tuesday I went paint shopping for my room. I have been looking everywhere for silver paint – I always have to be different – but every shop said they didn’t sell it. But they were wrong as my boyfriend spotted this in Homebase 🙂 Hope it turns out okay! Photos to come in a post next week!

On Wednesday I basically spent the whole day doing essays and this blog (addicted oops) But also managed to go out and buy a pizza and melt chocolate to dip strawberries in. I love my food!

On Thursday I went to Kingston with my mum and we had my favourite – nandos! Embarrassed at how much I ordered compared to my mum…clothes won’t fit me soon! (Wow, I make myself sound so obese when I talk about food on this blog -__- )

Managed to find peanut butter kit kats in Wimbledon, FINALLY! They were sold out everywhere I went back in February.

Benefit haul in Bentalls! Reviews to come 😀

On Friday I went out for lunch with my mum, auntie (who I live with whilst at uni!) and my cousin Harry to the Harvester 🙂

I like taking photos of food 😛

On Friday & Saturday I stayed at my boyfriends, haha his top made me laugh had to get a photo 😛 (Hope he doesn’t mind me posting…)

Quick Costa stop off to try the new strawberry iced lemonade!

& I done a little bit of essay writing before some drinks in the evening 🙂

Also tried out a bit of DIY saturday, post to follow asap! 🙂

^ Proud of this as I have always sucked at customising/textiles at school!

Not sure whether to leave the collar like that or stud the whole thing as originally planned?


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