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What I bought this week

Here are some photos of what I bought this week 🙂

I popped into Primark on Thursday:

This top was only £3 and a copy of a Topshop tee in store at the moment

I bought it in size 18 so I can have it baggy and wear it more like a dress.


Now I’ve got this top home I’m not sure if I want to keep it! I mainly got it because it had a cross and leopard print – two of my favourite things!

River Island sale!

Love this dress! It’s a similar style to my tartan dress and it was less than half price which is another reason why I love it! I wanted a mint green peter pan blouse in River Island too but there was just one left and it was all marked! 🙁

Two things I’ve been wanting for a while! Proactiv Solution and YSL False/volume effet mascara!

I looked in so many Boots and had to order the Proactiv online, I had to spend 1 penny to get free delivery -__- So I ended up getting the mascara too, oops!

Proactiv – £39.99

YSL mascara – £23

Reviews coming soon once I’ve tried them out a bit!

My mum bought me the above Jones + Jones dress, it doesn’t look much hanging up but it’s so much better on, I love Jones + Jones so much!

The above dress, my Dad bought for my Mum but it didn’t fit – it comes up so small, it’s a large and fits like a size 8 – so I kept it haha!

It’s SO bright but I thought it would be really nice for my holidays in the summer plus I’m always wearing very bright clothes anyway!


My boyfriend bought me this phone case, I LOVE IT!

Just scared I’ll drop it and break it now, it’s so nice 🙂

I bought this Urban Outfitters top from SoTotallyVlog/Fashion Filth for £10 off of eBay

I’ve been after this top for ages but thought it was too expensive so was so happy with the price I got it at!

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