• Roxii Hoare-Smith

What I bought this week!

My makeup collection seems to be ever growing so my mum bought me this new make up bag. It’s so much easier now, everything fits in and theres even room for more new stuff 😉

The next thing I bought, many of you are going to be thinking “what the hell?”

I bought a Primark onesie last summer and never regretted it! It’s so cosy and even in summer.

As you can see I got the footless onesie. Not many Primark stores seem to be selling these anymore so thought I’d grab it while I could 😉

I told my mum about these lip butters, so she bought me and herself one! I can’t wait to try these out, they seem really popular, I’m reading reviews every day about these, can’t escape them haha!

Buy 2 Barry M nail varnishes and get £1 off in Superdrug!

Been after the blue moon colour for a while and always wanted to try the ‘foil’ limited edition nail varnishes.

I wanted to try the benefit brow kit but as this is a bit cheaper I thought I’d try this first. I can’t wait to use it!

Reviews coming soon! 🙂

I finally got some YSL arty ring copies! (Can’t afford the real thing haha)

Ordered these two weeks ago and they finally came !

£1.99 – eBay

It was my mum and dad’s anniversary the other day so I got them little presents 😛 I got my dad a t-shirt and my mum this mascara from Topshop as she loves their make up range.

I’ve got these shoes in baby pink from Topshop but I need some more for my holidays this summer so for £4, I couldn’t say no – Primark.

Been looking everywhere online for these in tan but nowhere has size 6 so I went to a shop near me and they only had black as well!

£45 – a lot cheaper than Jeffrey Campbell and I prefer these as they are less chunky?!

I bought the JC Litas in February but returned them, pleased I did now as I think these are better and for a great price (although they are cheaper online, I wanted them right now :P). You can see my photo of where I bought the real JC Litas here.

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