• Roxii Hoare-Smith

#WEChildhoodDream Uniform

Workwear Express created a personalised uniform for me to remind me that it’s fine if the actress dream didn’t work out (HA) because blogging will do…

Seeing as blogging doesn’t really have a uniform Workwear Express kindly sent me one. I think this looks MUCH better than my usual batman onesie? They also sent a box of goodies to use whilst I blog. See here. It is believed that the first blog was created in 1994 and in 1997 the term ‘weblog’ was created. Despite this when I was younger blogging didn’t really ‘exist’ or was a well known thing so my blogging dream didn’t really come about until about six years ago but I’ve always made sure I had a huge presence on social media.

I got my first laptop with wifi connection in 2004 and that’s when my obsession with Piczo and MSN began. This soon moved onto Bebo then Myspace then Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…you name it I’ve had it and most likely abused it.

Since I got my first webcam and camera phone I was always taking ‘outfit of the day’ pics to share on social media. But before the internet took over our lives there were many other things I went through that I wanted to be…

The most embarrassing when I was 4 years old and I had the dream of being a bus driver. Funny that as I’ve never had a driving lesson in my life so that dream clearly won’t work out…not that I’m bothered.

This soon moved onto wanting to be a Spanish translator but by the end of GCSE Spanish that dream was long gone. I had drama classes for a while and I studied GCSE drama so the next thing was an actress. HA.

There was even a time after watching Legally Blonde that I decided that I could be the next Elle Woods and become a lawyer. That dream didn’t last too long. *phewth*

It’s funny how you change so often what you want to be when you are younger but even at 22 I’m still not sure what I want to do.

Despite my dreams changing so often one passion remained, writing. I’ve always loved to write so had dreams of being an author (I wanted to be the next Jacqueline Wilson) or a journalist. I had my first journalism work placement when I was 14 and went to graduate Kingston University with a journalism degree.

I’m now working in PR and it’s great that I am still able to combine this with my love of writing through freelancing and blogging and I can’t complain with my bed as my office. What did you want to be when you were younger?


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