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Wearing whatever I want

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Dressing how I wish I could dress every day

Shirt – Topshop

Sunglasses and Bandana – We Go Tokyo

T-Shirt – A stall at Sensoji Temple, Tokyo

Skirt – eBay

Boots – Dr Martens

My style changes daily depending on my mood but I do I wish I could dress like this every day.

Over the summer when we went to Standon Calling Festival I grabbed the chance to go all out and be a bit daring with my outfit. (Although it looks a bit summery now I would probably still wear this outfit in the winter with a cropped knit, duster jacket and tights!)

My style has always been different, I think having punk parents had an influence on that. I’ve always been a pretty shy person but appeared confident through my clothes. Wearing whatever I want has always caused a few whispers and stares, which after all this time I should be used to by now. Just the other day I was at the station and 2 women were whispering about my outfit. Although it does still irritate me, now I find it more funny or even a compliment that my outfit has had an impact.

So basically what this ramble is all about is wear whatever the hell you want and don’t care what others think…

Although I do dress pretty ‘normal’ I have always liked styling with pieces that aren’t the norm. I remember getting my first pair of Vans about 12 years ago before they were the ‘in’ thing. I wore them on non uniform day and I remember someone laughing at them and asking what I was wearing. It’s funny that since then Vans have really blown up and you know what’s funnier? I know that the person who laughed at them reads this blog now…HA! There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like what you do and I just need to get used to that. People STILL go on about my hair even though it has been red/pink/purple for 5 years now and it’s definitely not that unusual nowadays!

Although there’s a few outfits I look back and I do cringe. I had a phase of wearing bright pink metallic Topshop leggings, I even wore them on school trips. But it is all about experimenting and finding your style and expressing yourself. Your personality shines through your style so don’t be afraid to hold back.

I feel like 2016 really has been all about embracing your personal style and fashion has been more out there than ever. Since I’ve got older I’ve also been more open to new styles. A few years ago I would have rolled my eyes at the thought of owning a pair of gold metallic culottes or going out wearing green lipstick.

Two fashion influences for embracing your style and not being afraid of fashion is blogger girl gang Confetti Crowd and American band DNCE. (For some really cool and out there styles look at Cole Whittle and JinJoo on Instagram.)

Stop worrying* about if it suits you or what people will think, be rebellious with your style!

*Please note I am not one to talk to about worrying as I spend 99.9% of my life worrying. It’s just that fashion is one thing I do not worry about!

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