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Dress – ASOS

My housemates love Beyonce and because I’ve heard her new album so much at our house I am also getting obsessed. Blue and Pretty Hurts are probably my two favourites! Thought the lyrics to Pretty hurts were kind of relevant (next paragraph!)

I have wanted this dress for so long off of ASOS but it sold out! I was so upset but it finally came in stock, £7 cheaper but in size 10 only. Too big for me (don’t be jealous, it’s just the top half that’s too big HAHA) but I snapped it up anyway and it actually doesn’t fit too bad. It’s actually a really daring for me because with my booblessness – not afraid to admit haha – I can’t or don’t wear low cut tops. But now I’m thinking, who cares? I normally wear what I like so I will and I don’t care what anyone thinks or how flat chested I may look anymore! hahahah! Iggy Azalea is my inspiration 😉

As well as a nice pair of boobies to fill this dress I would also like a nice tan because, well, as you can see I am looking EXTREMELY pale against this baby blue. But pastels are my current favourite so I will have to get used to this washed out look…


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