• Roxii Hoare-Smith

We can’t stop!

Me looking like a rabbit!

Top & Skirt – Internacionale

Heels – Zara

Belt – Urban Outfitters

If you are into fashion you are more than likely going to enjoy my latest fashion article for my uni newspaper which you can view here.

Anyway, the outfit. So many of my friends had items of clothing with this pattern on that I just had to get it. Problem is I can’t really wear this outfit out at home now, as I will most likely bump into someone wearing the same outfit. So I’ve brought it to uni, still with the tags. Although I have so much work to do this year, I’m not sure I will find an occasion to wear it! Plus I’m also a bit nervous as the outfit is very bright, especially with my hair! Although I can mix and match the outfit a bit. Wear the top with a black skirt, disco pants? And the skirt with a black crop? What do you think?

#internacionale #peace #UrbanOutfitters #Zara

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