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Walk a mile in these Louboutins

Top, Heels – eBay

Smart tracksuit bottoms – Primark

I had a lot of problems taking these photos. I couldn’t get good lighting anywhere in the house so sadly these will have to do! I will probably add some more ‘OOTD’ photos featuring these items!

Boohoo sadly sold out of these neon/perspex heels so I went looking on eBay and after a lot of searching I found these beauties! Sadly since then Boohoo have got in some similar pairs and I’ve found more on eBay for half what I paid (around £27). I didn’t actually realise these are a copy of Louboutin heels, I just liked the style and the neon trend! Here are the originals. They are quite a good dupe!

I kept seeing these smart tracksuit bottoms in Primark and in a few other stores but the ‘sports luxe’ look never appealed to me. Last week I finally caved and thought I would try it and I’m so happy I’ve reached out of my comfort zone as I love this look! These photos really don’t do these trousers much justice so I will need to post more photos once I wear them out. Also quite pleased I’ve been buying a lot of size 6 items recently as I am finally realising that I keep buying things way too big for me and over estimating my size!

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