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Volvo Truck FH Launch

As a journalism student, it’s a bit pathetic I’ve posted this so late as this happened almost two weeks ago! I never thought of posting it before as it wasn’t fashion/beauty related but here is a post on the event I visited anyway! 🙂

At my new job I was invited to spend a night in Birmingham to attend the New FH Volvo Truck launch on 5th-6th September. I hoped I would have the opportunity to go to something similar one day and I’m so thankful that I did get to go, it was fantastic!

My pass for the night!

On the red carpet! Oh dear I wish I was pulling a better face 🙁 I was embarrassed 🙁

Some more terrible photos of me inside the New FH Truck, my first time in a truck! It had two bunks, side sensors and back cameras – very impressed!

The launch was great, Jake Humphries, Formula 1 presenter was the host of the show. David Coulthard (formula 1), Diversity, Urban Soul & Escala were some of the special guests. Live from Sweden on the large screens we saw a magician and singer, September, perform. It was a very well organised night with amazing food and drink.

I was so lucky I got to stay in the Hilton by the NEC which was brilliant but a shame I had to share the experience of staying in a rather nice hotel, alone ! 🙁 (without my friends or family I mean – I don’t want that coming across the wrong way hahahah!)

My lovely view from my room 🙂

I’ve always wanted to go to Birmingham, visit the Bullring and Forever 21! Sadly I only saw the NEC but maybe next time!

Work outfit!

Shirt – Camden

Disco pants – AA

Shoes – Topshop studded vectra

(Luckily I accidentally left my camera in my bag from when I went to the Olympic Park a couple of days before so I could take these!)

My outfit to the launch, I had to decide what to wear very quickly (found out I was going 30 minutes to the event before leaving work for Birmingham) and find something I could put on myself as I would have no one there to do up the back of my dress for me!

Dress – Primark (oops shouldn’t have admitted that!)

Wedges – ASOS


Clinique anti-blemish foundation

Stila whitening powder

W7 Candy blush

Sleek brow kit

Benefit creaseless cream shadow

YSL False effet Mascara

Sorry bad quality photos of my outfit to work the next day and for the 3 hour drive home!

Dress – Zara

Tights – Primark

Wedges – ASOS

I took this photo of the biscuits and drinks in the cupboard in my room but completely forgot to make myself a drink or have a biscuit before I left :'(

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