• Roxii Hoare-Smith


We saw Iggy Azalea at Shepherds Bush

Rita Ora joined Iggy on stage half way through!

Karl and I went to see Iggy Azalea with our friends Kim and Kirsty at Shepherds Bush. It was a very tiring day, I travelled from work (Notting Hill) to Canary Wharf then back to West London where we all grabbed dinner at my favourite place (Wetherspoons, yeah we’re classy). Then we went off to venue where we saw DJ Whizz Kid warm up the crowd with a few of my favourites – Anaconda – Nicki Minaj and No Scrubs – TLC.

We had to wait around ages but when she finally came on she was pretty damn amazing. She sang all of my favourites: Fancy, Work, Bounce and Change Your Life. The lights were amazing and Iggy looked fantastic (Oh My Gosh…look at her butt). I’m so jealous.

Rita Ora made a surprise appearance, as you can see above, which I predicted – go me!

Picked up this top for £5 outside the venue (wasn’t up for spending £25 on the official merchandise inside!) and it appeared everyone had the same idea as our train was full of people wearing this same top.

Thanks Karl for the amazing photos and videos!

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