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It’s time to pick a graduation dress.

There is always an excuse to go shopping whether it’s for prom dresses, evening dresses or bridesmaid dresses. Sadly I’m too ‘old’ for prom now and I don’t have any weddings coming up so next on my agenda is graduation dress shopping!

I am so excited to be graduating this month, the main thing I’m most excited about is getting to wear my cap and gown but also a special occasion this needs a new dress, right?

It’s difficult to chose the right dress for graduation. Is a coordinate suitable? Can I wear a crop top? Shall I wear heels? What if I trip up on stage? It’s a bigger dilemma than you may think!

After months of contemplation of outfits I have finally decided I am going to go for a formal dress or a cocktail dress.

I have been browsing Aviva Dress for some inspiration and below I have picked out a few of my favourites, all at reasonable and normal high street prices.

I’ve gone for a party glam with a mix of formal as I can’t look too ‘clubbing-esque’ on this formal occasion. I’ve picked very basic and dark colours – except the red dress of course – as I want to keep the dress looking appropriate for the occasion with the blue and black cape I’ll be wearing.


This satin black cocktail dress is timeless. It’s a dress perfect for a graduation – not too short and not too formal or informal – and can be held on for more important occasions to come! It’s the perfect LBD.


Another LBD, a little more on the sultry side. An LBD is perfect for any occasion so to make sure I get my money’s worth it is the kind of dress I could dig out again for Christmas or New Year celebrations (which I will be shopping for next!)


Although against my earlier remark that I would be going for something ‘dark’ and ‘basic’ to pair with my gown, this red beauty did catch my eye as I have a soft spot for brightly coloured items (my hair kind of gives that away) The perfect figure flattering dress which can be dolled up and down with jewellery (as pictured) and flats or heels.

Aviva Dress also sell a range of long prom dresses and short prom dresses which aren’t just for prom, with Christmas and New Year coming up a new dress is essential for the party season!

When I finally decided which dress to go for – I haven’t got long left to decide – I’ll make sure to write a Graduation Outfit of the Day post.

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