• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Uh oh more shopping!

Shopping in Cardiff was amazing! Saw loads of stuff sold out online or in Kent and London stores. The Topshop was great too it had Motel, The Ragged Priest etc like the Oxford Circus store and Urban Outfitters had a good sale. Ooh & every store I bought stuff done student discount so I got 10% off it all!

But I spent too much and I need to stop otherwise I’ll have no money for summer! 🙁

I’ve been after this belt for a while and finally spotted it! I’m obsessed with peace signs, I even have a peace sign tattoo! So had to buy this.

£16 – Urban Outfitters

I love Urban Outfitters quirky tops but they are always so expensive! Thought this was kind of different and even better it was half price!


FINALLY I got myself some of these shorts ahhh! Been after these for ages but Oxford Circus Topshop never had my size (they come up SO small!)

I had a little ‘To buy’ list on my iPhone and this has finally been erased 🙂

They have a variety of shorts to choose from but some are £65 and I couldn’t spend that much on shorts 🙁 Plus these fit the pastels trend!

£35 – The Ragged Priest

Been after this dress for months and so was my mum (for me!) but online and stores were sold out. In Topshop, Ben pointed out a girl holding one and I thought she’d put it back so I ran over all excited and but she took the last one 🙁

Luckily I found this on the side and even though its like 2 sizes too big I had to buy it 😛

£30 – Topshop

I love The Ragged Priest and how they add the studs to vintage clothes. I’d love one of their denim jackets and leather jackets but I already own a few and they are expensive 🙁

This shirt probably isn’t too everyones taste but I got it mainly for the leather and studded shoulders – I love anything different and this was reduced to £10, amazing price for their range so didn’t want to miss out on a bargain!

Been after one of these skirts for a while and saw this for £22 in Republic, I want to pair it with some JC Litas but not sure I can even afford some fake ones after this spree!

Yeah the skirt got very creased in my bag on the way home from Cardiff to London so I added a print screen of the website page to show how it’s meant to look!

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