• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Two Piece – Summer edition

Top & Skirt – ASOS

Belt – Grandads

Sandals – Primark

It’s September and the sun is still shining but I’m so sad summer is almost over. I hope this weather sticks around for a while though and make up for all the rain we’ve had the past few summers! How is it September already? It’s just days away now until I move back to uni. The past four months have flown by so fast, it’s frightening.

I can’t believe these photos were taken over two months ago in Spain. I want to go back to that amazing holiday! Time is just going by too quickly, it also scares me that I originally posted this outfit here so long ago. It feels like yesterday I was giddy over ordering it (and now I’m not so keen on it, same story with me. I get bored with clothes too quickly!)

I’m so into co-ords. I’ve bought so many this summer, there are so many I need to feature on my blog yet. Keep an eye out!

#Asos #Primark #Vintage

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