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Travelling to China and Japan

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Sorry for the 2 week absence!

Last night I returned from my 12 day trip to China and Japan where our internet connection wasn’t particularly great. I did manage to add a few photos to social media but the internet was hit and miss most of the time and the main social media outlets are blocked in China so I feel so behind on everything!

I’ll be tweeting photos (@roxannehs) and Instagramming (@studdedkissesblog) a lot over the next few weeks. (I think I have enough content to last me for a least a year)

We did a lot of travelling during our trip and I had to drag my luggage from Kent to Birmingham to Heathrow to Beijing to Shanghai then back to Beijing to Tokyo then back to Beijing again then through London to Kent…you get the point!

For my travels I used my new Tripp suitcase which has literally been a godsend. It’s the first time I’ve had a suitcase with four wheels and I was so impressed by how easily it glided along and how great it was getting it on and off escalators. The case also had a pull handle as well as side grab handles which made it easy for transporting. I usually dread travelling with a lot of luggage but this Tripp suitcase was a game changer (and no I haven’t been sponsored to write this haha, I was that impressed!)

My Tripp suitcase is from Debenhams and it actually went in the sale while I was away for less than half price!

The collection from Tripp comes in a selection of fun bright colours – this pink (watermelon) suitcase was SO easy to spot when collecting my baggage at the airport and came back in great condition every trip (I had a suitcase which came back completely cracked once!) The collection has also been approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute which is always a good sign!

My case was filled to the brim as I bought so many clothes with me and bought a lot whilst travelling (obvs haha) but the case has so much space so it all easily fitted in.

Coordinate – H&M

Vans – Amazon

Suitcase – c/o Tripp via Debenhams

I have many outfit posts coming up from Japan and China as well as my trips to Sweden, Corfu & Liverpool from May. I’ll also put together some travel guides which may be of interest for those travelling to Japan or China – reading blog posts for tips was so helpful for me.

These photos were taken on our way to catch the bullet train from Shanghai back to Beijing. I decided to wear this H&M Coachella coordinate as it is so comfortable for travelling, especially in the heat! (It was around 34 degrees when we arrived in Beijing).

Also, please excuse the crazy hair! This is what broken hotel hair dryer plus Shanghai humidity equals!

I’ve got the travel bug now! Where to next?

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