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Top 5 places I want to visit PART TWO

I posted something very similar back in May which you can view here.

It isn’t fashion related, obviously, but here are another five places I want to visit!

Unlike some of the places I posted before, I know next to nothing about these locations but they’ve always been places on my wish list!

1. Kiev (Ukraine)

It’s not the ideal holiday destination which attracts me to the city as I haven’t heard much about it for holidays plus it’s meant to be really cheap there!?

2. Riga (Latvia)

Similar reasons to number 1 really, I’m intereted in different cultures, languages – not that I speak any apart from English v__v – and food, of course!

3. Los Angeles

I’ve heard mixed views on LA, but it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit since I was young and it has to be done sometime in my lifetime. I need to see what it’s like and visit the places I always read about!

4. Stockholm

I visited Finland three years ago and loved it so I did plan last year to go to Stockholm fly to Helsinki and get a boat to Estonia. I would love to do that one day and visit three countries in one trip!

Stockholm seems like a busy – but expensive 🙁 – interesting city.

5. San Francisco

Although for now I think European cities are top of my list – I’d love to visit every European country before I die, hmmm maybe a little ambitious – one day I need to get to California and visit the most popular cities!

Where do you want to visit?

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