• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Top 5 places I want to visit

This isn’t fashion related, but travelling is my second favourite thing. I haven’t travelled a lot of places but over the past few years I’ve visited quite a few new countries and can’t wait to visit more.

So far this year I’ve been to Austria and will be going to Italy and Cyprus in the summer (and hopefully some other places!)

1. Russia (Moscow or St. Petersburg)

Russia has been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit since I was young, I think it’s because their culture and language is completely different and their history is so interesting.

It reminds me of Disneyland in this photo!

2. Tokyo

Another place, like Russia, I’ve always wanted to visit here. I know a lot of people would hate the idea of Tokyo as it’s so packed and busy but that’s what I love about cities when they are buzzing with life. The technology looks so amazing and the country looks completely different to home, obviously 😉

3. Hong Kong

Everything amazing I find on eBay comes from here so I need to visit for a HUGE HUGE shopping spree 😉 Like every country I love to try different foods and hear different languages – even though I can’t speak any others myself. I remember being about eight and planning that one day I would visit Australia with a stop off at Hong Kong on the way. Could happen one day 😉

4. Poland (Krakow/Warsaw)

Honestly, I want to visit any East European country as these are not the typical holiday and tourist destinations – I like to be different. I’ve been to a few ‘cold’ countries around Europe and the food is just amazing.

5. Las Vegas

My dream for years now has been to visit here for my 21st birthday – very ambitious. I want to visit many places in the States, mainly some places very unfamiliar with tourists unlike Las Vegas to get the feel of ‘real America’. Las Vegas just looks amazing and a fun place to go!

Where do you want to visit?

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