• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines…


Blazer – Rokit

Top – eBay

Leggings – Select

Heels – Primark

Here is something else I picked up in the Brick Lane Rokit. As you can probably tell from my posts or if you know me, I love my blazers, especially vintage blazers! This one is very thin and light so it is great for summer and summer evenings! I recently wore it to uni with a white lace crop and black midi (although I didn’t take any photos oops)

I move into my new place in this summer in London and I can’t wait! Although I’m not sure how blog photos will work – yes I have been trying to work it out already. I will have to decide when I get there were the best place for photos is hahah! I may have to steal my dads tripod as I won’t have my usual photographers around to take my snaps!

Speaking of outfit photos, I’m heading to Greece & Spain in June and I think that means there will be some great opportunities for outfit photos! (unless it’s too hot for me then hair, make up and dressing up goes out the window!) I may have to cheekily ask my friend to take my photos (hehe sorry Sarah if you are reading this ;))

I really should write in these posts about the outfit I’m wearing instead of rambling on about nonsense as always…

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