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This is what I’d take for a Milan city break with easyJet Holidays

Here is my entry for the EasyJet fashion blogger competition which you can enter here.

This is what I’d take for a Milan city break with easyJet Holidays

I recently visited the fashionable city, that is Milan, in June so this post is based on what items I would pack with me for a short trip if I was to return.

I always bring too much with me on holiday and I am always SO nervous checking in, worried my case will be overweight so I have tried to make use of some items more than once!

EasyJet Holidays fly frequently from the UK to Milan at affordable prices and also give you the opportunity to book hotels and transport on their website!

Flight outfit

Below is an outfit I would wear on the flight to Milan and for the first day there. It’s very comfortable and relaxing for the flight and to wear for the rest of the day whilst strolling around the city.

The handbag is a perfect size for hand luggage as it isn’t too large for the EasyJet limit but it’s big enough for all those extra bits like your camera, lipsticks etc. (See bottom of the post)

The creepers are comfy shoes so are perfect so long walks around the city. As you cannot visit religious places in Italy without being covered up this outfit would be perfect for visits to religious places as it covers up any skin! A great place to visit would be the Plazza Del Duomo – a church which took 500 years to complete. Milan is a city full of fascinating history.

First evening out

Making use of the disco pants so I can pack light and wear them again, on my first evening out in the city. The outfit is very gothic with the spikes and crosses but also girly and flattering with the disco pants and feminine peplum top. I’ve switched the large Zara bag for a small black zara bag for the evening to fit a purse and phone.

The evening will give me an opportunity to visit Milan’s vibrant nightlife, drinking prosecco or amaretto in one of the local bars.

Day or Night

Depending on the weather in Milan, this outfit can be worn day or night. The dress looks thick and warm so may be worn during the evening in the city or on a chilly, dull day – remember to check the weather before you go! The wedges give a little height and look of heels but also more comfort to go from bar to bar or shop to shop (yes shopping is a must do in Milano!)

Although Chanel is french and maybe not be suitable for Italy, but Chanel is one of the stores Milan has to offer with their variety of designer boutiques such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace…the list goes on!

This outfit also shows the return of the Zara bag as, as much as you want to, you can’t bring your whole handbag collection with you on one trip!

Day or night

This outfit can be worked as a day TO night outfit! Simply put on the leather jacket as the day begins to cool and possibly swap the creepers for a pair of heels or wedges! Possibly the Jane Norman wedges or Jeffrey Campbell heelless wedges which I have already featured.

This outfit is very ‘rock chic’ inspired, bringing a very British look to Milan. Brothel creepers have been a huge hit in Britain so far so why not show Italy this new trend?

This day I would check out the beautiful art at the Pinacoteca di Brera and also make sure I have some traditional Italian food for lunch, cabonara anyone?

Warm day in Milano

This outfit is similar to what I wore in Milan in June.

It is perfect for a warm sunny day in the city and finally for a day of SHOPPING! There are a range of designer as well as high street shops such as Sephora (you can’t visit this in the UK!), Brandy Melville (this also isn’t available in the UK!) and Berksha. After why not sit down outside the Duomo di Milano for a nice Italian coffee although prepare for a large bill!

This outfit is comfortable and very girly so it is perfect for a girly shopping day!

As you can tell from the outfits I’ve chosen, I don’t have a particular style. I can have a boyish style, gothic but also be very pink and girly like below. This is something you will notice from my ‘OOTD’ posts on my blog, I like to try out every style and this is what I have shown in the outfits I have chosen.

Must haves!

Below are the accessories I would have to bring! The sunglasses would be great for the sunny days in Milan but also for the hungover mornings to hide those baggy eyes after too much limoncello!

Use an iphone to send friends and family photos of the city through text, blogger or Facebook!

Alien by Thierry Mugler is my all time favourite perfume so this would definitely be packed!

A camera is just necessary on any holiday and even more so in a beautiful city like Milan.

& the Loreal lipstick, it is something I always carry with me as it can perk up your face and smile wherever you are.

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