• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Things I need…

I think I’m all shopped out at the moment as my list of things I want has gotten smaller (until the shops get in some new things and I’ll be back to spending!)

Disco pants!

These look so nice with everything, I wish they weren’t so expensive 🙁

I think I may have to settle for a pair of wayfarers from River Island as these Ray Bans are too much money :'(

I wanted this dress in Zara for ages (£29.99) Although (bit pointless me posting it here but anyway…) I tried it on the other day and I hated it on! Glad I didn’t buy it. The back has thin straps so it would be difficult to wear a bra (or just wear a backless one) so I didn’t find it very flattering on.

At £45.00 on ASOS, I think this playsuit is a bit pricey! But it looks nice and cool for the summer, so maybe it will go down in the sale? Fingers crossed.

ASOS Marketplace

This dress is unusual and vintage – two things I love – and at £30, it’s quite a bargain.

The second photo of the back of the top makes me want the top more. I think it would look great on a warm day in the summer – doubt I can wear it often then with the rainy British weather. But I would love to wear it alone like a dress with sandals.

ASOS – £18

This shirt is from an independent company Victory on big cartel. They are made personally for you so cannot be returned. Studs are one of my favourite things on clothes but at £60 I think it’s too expensive!

Maybe I could make something like this myself for much cheaper?

Like the shirt above, I love studs and I love really high heels (although I hardly get to wear them)

£54.99 – Missguided

Reminds of the Thomas Wylde style bags.

£18 – Boohoo

This would be nice for my summer holidays!

£25 – ASOS

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