• Roxii Hoare-Smith

They are definitely palm leaves

They are definitely palm leaves

Top & Skirt – Motel Rocks

Heels – Missguided

Hat – eBay

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Whilst taking these photos – I was in a rush, couldn’t get a nice background (everyone seemed to be parking on my road this day and in my normal photo spots!) and the sun was in my eyes so I just felt like I might as well not bother with Studded Kisses anymore. So apparently I’m a bit of a drama queen, me? Pffffttt Never!

I won’t be finishing anymore soon. I love blogging and I love reading blogs, I envy you guys who have the time to take beautiful photos and update regularly. Working 9-5.30, spending hours travelling and managing to have a social life is making blogging much harder than I thought it would be! But I really don’t want to stop and I really want this blog to be successful so I’m going to spend more of my free time I have (which is rare) to work on it!

Anyway, back to what I should be talking about, my outfit of the day is from my favourite place: Motel Rocks. Although they are palm leaves I’m so worried people will mistake it for something else because I am very anti drug haha! Excited for it to warm up to wear this outfit out, love love love coordinates and even though I own so many, mainly from Motel, I want more! From now on it just needs to be birthday dress shopping for my 21st and clothes for India!

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