• Roxii Hoare-Smith

The Zara Skort Bandwagon

Legs look very weird and confusing here…

Jumper – Zara

Skort – Zara

Doc Martens – eBay

Remember wearing skorts in PE? Who would have thought seven years later I would be browsing the shops for that perfect skort. It’s weird how trends come back and it’s things you would never predict you would want to wear again. I remember my skort was maroon and pleated with my initials sewn on. Maybe I should have kept hold of it as a ‘vintage’ item? I must still have it somewhere…

Yes I am a little late joining this trend. A year ago I just didn’t understand it but before Christmas I kept seeing people with this skort on and I loved the pattern but I couldn’t see it on sale anywhere, not even Zara. It wasn’t until a month ago when my boyfriend went for his passport interview and I was left loose in Victoria Street (bad idea) and I saw this hanging up in Zara in the sale! It had been placed randomly and was the only one left. It is actually miles too big but I had to have it anyway – story of my life – and then I spotted this cute crop (it is crop, the photos just don’t show it too well!) roller neck on the side and the shades just matched so well. It had to be bought! The skort was reduced to £17.99 (although for some reason I got charged £19.99 despite the tag saying lower, ugh).

What do you think of the skort trend? I want another one in tartan now! Hopefully I can fix this skort with a belt so it can fit me properly and I wear it with crops in the summer!

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