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The Ultimate Guide to Flexible Working

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Powwownow have put together ‘The Ultimate Guide to Flexible Working’ guide where I am featured.

I work full time in PR however I’m also a freelance journalist and of course, I blog. I freelance and blog around my work and social life – this is an example of flexible working. I blog and freelance to meet my needs and I can work remotely – from home, on the train, plane or on my lunch breaks in a coffee shop.

My advice on flexible working and why I love it has featured in the guide.

Sometimes flexible working can be stressful, trying to fit everything in in the small amount of time you have or sometimes I can get easily distracted by TV or YouTube so I get behind on my workload! But there are some useful tips you can follow…

Shut off your emails 

Flexible working means you are always working. I’m constantly getting emails, tweets, comments etc. If you didn’t take a break you would just spend your whole life replying to mail! I do feel guilty but I still make sure that take breaks often and ignore my email for a little while, as it can get a bit stressful!


I’m super organised so I always have a plan for my flexible working. I mainly use my notes on my phone to write down what posts and articles I need to write and set myself deadlines. If I didn’t do this I would probably forget about posts and get myself in a bit of a mess!

Take breaks 

Don’t overwork yourself, take regular breaks to chill out. Powwownow sent me a box full of goodies to help with flexible working. A cuppa and a snack can be a god send if you have spending hours taking photos and writing posts. I liked the idea of the Nakd snacks, as I can often get easily tempted by crisps or chocolate whilst working from home!                                                 Get comfortable Work wherever makes you feel comfortable and where you can get into the ‘zone’. Whether that may be working from home (there’s no dress code there so that’s my favourite place!) or at your favourite coffee shop.

The guide has been put together by Powwownow (which is one of the UK’s leading teleconference call providers). The guide includes tips from bloggers as well as recommendations on places to work from. The guide includes lots of useful information such as rights when applying for Flexible Working and how to work flexibly!

Click here to download The Ultimate Guide to Flexible Working

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