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The day this outfit didn’t get seen…

See I left the house for a few minutes then came straight back home as when it snows (just a little bit) the UK goes crazy and all public transport stops 🙁 This was taken about 3/4 weeks ago but I’m so behind on posts!

So sad as this day of all days I had two things I really needed to get to!

Anyway here is an outfit post featuring my totally over featured disco pants (they match with too many things!)

I mainly took these photos to show my new Wildfox style jumper my boyfriend bought me! The photos are really bad quality – apologies!

Jumper – eBay

Disco Pants – AA

Boots – Doc Martens

Braclets – Pandora and Links Skull Friendship Bracelet

#AmericanApparel #discopants #ebay

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