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The 19 things only shopaholics understand

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

It’s a stressful and expensive hobby being a shopaholic.

As you may know I regularly write listicles for Metro.co.uk. I recently wrote one on ‘The 19 things only shopaholics understand’. 

As a shopaholic I spend most of my time trawling the internet looking for new things to buy. I’ve had to cut down on my shopaholic tendencies since moving to London and saving to go away. But I’m still prone to buying myself the odd treat here and there. Also seeing as it’s getting warmer it’s time to ditch the wooly hat and jumper and start stocking up my spring/summer wardrobe…

Impulse buys are the norm for you. Packages start arriving in the post that you don’t even remember ordering.

You get that gut wrenching feeling when you check your bank balance. You feel sick when that item you’ve been lusting over has completely sold out (although you own about 10 similar items already) or worse, a last chance sale item has completely sold out and is gone forever.

Sound familiar?

If you can relate to the following 19 points then sorry to break it to you, but you’re definitely a shopaholic.

When you want something you have to have it

Like right now and if you don’t it’ll most likely sell out and you’ll spend the next few weeks frantically hunting it down.

But then once its bought you are so over it and onto the next thing

Within minutes those new boots will be old news.

There’s always something you need

It’s not a want – it’s a need.

When you have no money you want it more

The less money you have the worse the temptation and the more you feel like you need it.

You are always broke

Because every time you have a couple of extra pounds going spare, you spend it almost immediately.

You’d rather have that new dress and eat baked beans from a tin for the rest of the month

It’s totally worth it of course.

That feeling when an item is out of stock

It just makes you want that item even more so.

Spending a silly amount on postage and customs fees just so you can get that ‘very special, it must be bought right now because it’s the shade you’ve wanted all your life and will look good with everything’ lipstick

I’m looking at you Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star.

You feel proud of yourself…

If you walk out of a shop without buying anything.

You feel even more proud if you last a couple of days without shopping

Because that is even more of an accomplishment.

I’ll actually be so proud of myself if in one month I buy just 1 new outfit.

You have to replace your debit card often as the chip gets so worn

It’s all that spending.

Your email is filled with hundreds of shops sending you discounts and offers

And it’s so hard resisting the temptation to shop.

You get tempted by the smallest of discounts

£9.50 reduced from £9.99? What a bargain.

You get heart palpitations when you walk into a store with a sale

Because everything is just so dreamy and discounted.

(I also get this feeling when I see pink items of clothing, breathless…)

You always get distracted by online shopping

Suddenly two hours have passed and you haven’t got a single thing done that you were meant to do.

If you are feeling sad, online shopping can fix that

Retail therapy is so much cheaper (sometimes).

Saving money is impossible

Because there’s just so much you want to buy and really really need, of course.

Your wage is spent in seconds

Because your wish list just keeps on growing.

Present shopping turns into shopping for you


Can you relate?

Original article featured here on Metro.co.uk. 

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