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Tesco Wine Fair

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I like to think that I am quite the wine connoisseur.

Well, I drink enough of it that I should be one and I can tell my Californian Chardonnays from my New Zealand Marlboroughs.

My dad* really is quite the wine connoisseur so I took him along with me to Tesco Wine Fair in London last weekend. On arrival we were given a Tesco Wine Fair glass each so we could start making our way around the stands to taste the wines. It started at 11am but I guess it is never too early for a glass of vino.

*Note DAD. The amount of people who thought we were a couple…

We started off in Australia and New Zealand because we are huge Marlborough Estate fans. The event hall was well organised and split into countries with plenty of stalls to visit to sample red and white wine from every region and grape you could think of. For the non wine fans there were also beer and cider stalls. As well as sampling wines there were also wine workshops and wine talks. Unfortunately I looked into booking these too late so missed out but despite the 3 hour wine slot we found we ran out of time so quickly just going from stall to stall so it wasn’t an issue.

We found that within the 3 hours we didn’t really get any further than Oz and NZ, there was just so much wine to try and find out about! We started off at Tesco’s own wines and it was so interesting how each wine, all from Marlborough, tasted so different depending on which part of the region it was from. I adore Marlborough Estate Sauvignon Blanc as they are so crisp and refreshing with citrus and tropical notes.

There was the opportunity to taste from over 300 wines from over 14 different countries. There are experts on hand on each stand to tell us everything you need to know about my favourite subject, wine! We were able to compare and contrast wines and it opened my eyes to so many different wines. I always new I was a huge NZ wine fan but I also got to see what other wines I liked and also my love for red wine bloomed. As it is getting chillier now I’ve found that I’m drinking red now rather than wine, which I’ve never done before.

It was a great chance to try so many wines without committing to buy the bottle. However there was a chance to buy wine crates at a discounted price. I’d never heard of the wine fair before, but it is definitely somewhere I’ll consider going to again. I was able to discover so many new wine brands as well as new wines I’d never consider buying in store, until now.

We stopped by the Hardy’s stall to sample some Australian wines. Hardy’s has recently launched new wine labels. The new range is really targeting the younger market as as much as I hate to admit, I am often enticed by a product based on its appearance. Bright and pretty labels (and a good price) are a great selling point and the Sauvignon Blanc tasted pretty good too…

We were able to get useful expert advice from each stand and we learned so much about wine as we gulped on many, many tasters.

So I travelled through Australia for some Jacobs Creek wine. My favourite wines here included the Jacob’s Creek Reserve Sauvignon and the Sparkling Rose.

After this we stopped off at Most Wanted wines for some more Marlborough wine samples and a free pair of wayfarers each. I’d never heard of Most Wanted wines before so this was a great chance to try their wines, which were fab!

Yellolw Tail is another wine I’d never tried before. I really enjoyed the Jammy Red Roo, it was very sweet with chocolate and vanilla flavours. I also adored their cute glitzy red label. Plus Roo is actually a nickname of mine, so another reason why this stood out for me!

Echo Falls fruit fusions are perfect for those who aren’t big wine fans. Their fruity concoctions have been available in a bottle for a while (see my post here) but now they are launching can versions.

These wines are so easy to drink and definitely appeal to a younger audience. If you aren’t a wine fan then this is definitely a good wine to start off with. My dad wasn’t so keen though!

As I am a huge fan of cocktails I really enjoyed trying their wine cocktail mixes on offer.

Here are some wine cocktail recipes in case you would like to try your own:

It was quickly approaching 2pm so we went over to the Tesco Finest stand. We were able to sample Italian wines, French Champagnes as well as an English sparkling wine, which was produced from a vineyard just 20 minutes from where I am from!

With a quick stop off at the Campo Viejo and Piccini stands!

Soon it was 2pm and our tasting slot was over, but evidently I found it difficult to part from the vino…

Thank you Tesco Wine Fair, we had a grape time!

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