• Roxii Hoare-Smith


As you can tell, I like the colour red.

Hat – Primark

Playsuit – Motel Rocks

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Boots – New Look

Another number from Motel Rocks, sorry to scare you all with my knobbly knees and super pale legs! It wasn’t until recently I discovered that it is possible to have fat knees and knee cut jeans – although I did finally go for and bought a pair – just do not suit my knees. It’s normally my waist or my thighs I moan about when it comes to clothes but knees…who would have thought it?

Anyway, when am I not not wearing Motel Rocks? I also ordered a lovely tartan bikini even though I have no idea when that will come in handy next *hint hint holiday needed*.

I see tartan as an autumn/winter pattern so I will definitely wearing a lot of it over the next few months. Recently I have also added a tartan cape and a tartan skirt to my ever growing tartan collection.

If you like to treat yourself a lot like me – I have currently another Motel Rocks package as I type – then treat yourself and feel a little less guilty and receive 20% discount with the code below. Happy spending!

Also as some of you may know I work in PR and we are currently running a competition to win tickets to a party at K West Hotel. Check it out here.

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