• Roxii Hoare-Smith


So Tanqueray know how to throw a party!

We were invited along to the press launch of the Tanqueray Drawing Rooms on Wednesday 12 November at the beautiful Georgian house at Six Fitzroy Square. The Tanqueray Drawing Rooms looked amazing. It was created to look like an ‘at home’ experience so we could reimagine the original cocktail hour from the 1930s. There was a cocktail bar with award winning mixologists, a beautiful 1930s performer, a photo booth, male styling sessions, a vintage headpiece making workshop and a secret Martini bar! The Drawing Rooms just oozed elegance and glamour.

Although sorry I’m a bit late posting this the event was then open to the public on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 November at £10 a ticket. But don’t worry because the Tanqueray Drawing Rooms pop-up is part of the #TanquerayThursdays series; an evolving weekly guide to the top ten coolest Thursday night experiences in London and exclusive cocktail offers for Tanqueray fans at each destination until the 11th December.

Of course we tried most of the cocktails on offer including the Fitzroy Gin Fizz (as pictured above) which was by far my favourite. It was so refreshing and I could have easily drank a lot of these without even realising there was alcohol in it! Tanqueray gin has such a smooth and refreshing taste. We also sampled The Nichol Above The Dollar – I liked the name of this one as my middle name is Nichol – as well as the Maraschino Martini and Lavender Collins, which I would call my second favourite! There were also waitresses walking around with delicious salmon and caviar canapes. For cocktail ideas look here.

We also got chatting to the guys at Labowtique and Monsieur London. Their collections were amazing and also at impressively low prices so I would definitely recommend checking them out for potential Xmas presents for the man in your life!

After leaving the mens styling area we found the secret Martini bar which as you can tell was amazing but I tried to avoid the Martinis as I had work the next day and I didn’t fancy a hangover.

We couldn’t get enough of the amazing photobooth with props. You could also print out a few copies to take home!

Unfortunately I had just come from work so I wasn’t very dressed up.

The Lavender Collins

I really wanted to try out the vintage headpiece workshop but me being me, I can’t sew very well. Karl persuaded me to have a go and said he would help me, well after messing up step 1 we had to swap seats and he took over. Thanks Karl!

Everyone at the Tanqueray Drawing Rooms was SO nice and welcoming. We had a lovely greeting from Mark – it’s little things like that which really make an event which sadly I sometimes do not come across at events! I can’t thank Tanqueray enough for putting on such a fun night.

We had the most amazing time and it was such a shame we had to leave early to get back to Kent. I could have stayed all night and sipped on a few more cocktails but I did have work the next day so I had to resist temptation. I was surprised after sampling the four cocktails and feeling a little merry that I didn’t have a hangover the next day which is very unusual for me! Mother’s ruin? Pfftttt.

Thank you Karl for the photography! Check out Karl’s blog.

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