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Sushi Shop x Scott Campbell

Sushi Shop has launched a new creative collaboration with acclaimed tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

Scott Campbell is an American artist and is one of the most talented tattooists in the world. Scott Campbell has become popular with celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz, and Marc Jacobs. He has collaborated with fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Berluti and he has also designed a limited edition bottle for Hennessy. Now he is working with Sushi Shop and put his name to a Limited Edition box, which we were able to sample…

The Limited Edition collab provides customers with a sensory experience, taking them beyond just taste.The box moves away from traditional sushi recipes and the chefs at Sushi Shop have invented delicious and creative new recipes.

Priced at £39.90 for 42 pieces and the box includes:

2 Tuna zuke & tomato sushi

6 Citrus salmon Rolls

6 Spinach & tempura Maki

2 Salmon Sushi

2 Prawn Sushi

6 Philadephia Maki

6 Spicy Tuna Maki

6 Chicken caesar Rolls

6 Cooked tuna avocado Spring Rolls

(Also sold as single items)

As well as utterly delicious, the sushi is so beautiful too! So vibrant in colour and presented so elegantly and beautifully.

I’ve eaten sushi a few times but it isn’t a dish I’d usually go for however I fell completely in love with this little delicate rolls of joy. I was amazed at all of the different flavours my palette was experiencing.

The Spinach & tempura Maki (below left) was a firm favourite. It was a delicious mix of textures with the crunchy tempura prawn and smooth guac with a tangy lime juice punch.

I adore every piece of sushi I tried but the Tuna zuke & tomato was another dish that really stood out for me. The tuna was so deliciously fresh with a burst of flavour from the marinade and a smooth tomato tartare.

We even received a demonstration on how to make the sushi. It was so fascinating and amazing to see the range of ingredients used – the Citrus Salmon Roll event includes croutons which isn’t something I’d assume you’d combine with sushi.

We couldn’t help but go up for seconds and take so many photos because the sushi was just so photogenic!

Sushi Shop has three branches in London located in South Kensington, Marylebone and Notting Hill. They have 88 retail outlets in France and 33 internationally in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, UAE & the Netherlands.

Every piece of sushi we tried was so full of flavour and so fresh. What’s great about it is that it’s all so reasonably priced and can be picked up on the go. You won’t find the shelves at Sushi Shop jammed full of sushi boxes on the shelf. They make only a few at a time so ensure that you are always picking up 100% fresh sushi. You can buy sushi from £1.80 a piece and from £3.50 for boxes of 6 pieces of Maki.

I love discovering news places in London and Sushi Shop is a new gem to add o my list of favourites. It is great to find somewhere in London where you can pick up extremely fresh and tasty sushi on the go at such a reasonable price. I loved that Sushi Shop serves a huge selection of sushi from Avocado and cheese maki to more innovative recipes including Tuna & truffle rolls and Rainbow rolls – a roll filled with crab meat and avocado and topped with salmon, tuna, avocado, chilli, chives and sesame.

We had such a lovely time sampling the sushi that I have planned to pick up a box of the sumptuous treats for dinner tomorrow evening.

We were also able to test out the temporary tattoos which come with each Scott Campbell box! The temporary tattoos have been designed personally by Scott Campbell, there are five designs available which have been taken from his exhibition Whole Glory.

Now I am so tempted to get a tattoo on my arm, I didn’t want to wash this off!!

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