• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Surprise trip!

As we both finished our first year of uni my boyfriend was so sweet and booked me a surprise trip. I had no idea where I would be going and didn’t expect we’d be driving about 200 miles!

First we stopped off at my uni to hand in the rest of my work and about three hours later we finally reached Derby 🙂 I’ve never been before and I really liked it there! Our hotel was right opposite Westfield haha :’)

The next day I went on another mystery drive but the sign posts gave it away about 30 minutes before we got there – Alton Towers. Apparently I’ve been hinting loads that I’ve always wanted to go there, oops!

I didn’t buy anything at Westfield really apart from the body shop stuff below, I wanted to buy everything!

I got the chocolate lip butter, shower gel and satsuma shower gel (rest is my boyfriends)

Hilton! eee 😀

Free Nandos whole chicken!

Alton Towers


Soaked from the earlier water rides (which my hair got all caught in and I had to get helped out oopsie!)

Enjoying Oblivion

Looked a little scared on Rita hahaha

The long drive back!

We wanted to have this lorry haha!

A very flattering photo of me 😉

It’s been so warm the past week, brought out the maxi skirt finally!

Taking a video of a duck attempting murder by growing another duck

We later realised we had been very naive about the whole duck drowning situation, eeek…

Embarrassing Ben by playing the lying down game 😛


Thank you Ben 🙂

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