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Summer 2014 in India

Summer 2014 in India

I’m finally back on Studded Kisses after being away for almost two months. Ever since I finished university in May it has been hectic. I started a new job, I moved house, I celebrated my 21st (yes that took up a lot of time!) and I have been in Southern India volunteering with the Lebara Foundation at slums and refugee camps. I returned home last week and I’m still struggling with jet lag, I think early mornings, late nights and commuting isn’t helping either.

Something a little different for the blog, an Indian outfit of the day.

India was, in some places, amazingly cheap for clothes. I bought the material for this outfit for around £6.50 and then had it tailored for £3. I wore this at our goodbye meal at The Residency Towers, Chennai as we all decided to go in traditional dress with a few of the girls wearing Sarees which were made of beautiful fabrics. I wish I had a Saree made but I bought the wrong fabric – typical me!

I picked up a few tunics and leggings to wear while I was there and so many accessories such as headchains, bindis and earrings as well as many Neem and Tumeric based products from Himalaya all at amazing prices which you would never find back home.

I had the time of my life in India and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with such amazing people (see below, although not everyone is pictured!). It was a fantastic experience working in slums and refugee camps, teaching English and playing with the babies, children and mothers. I can’t really put into words how amazing it was, I was so fascinated by everything as it was just completely different to home. The trip has made me want to travel more and definitely volunteer a lot more!

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