• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Styling Culottes

How to wear culottes

Jacket – Zara

Culottes – c/o Just Fab

Boots – Topshop I’m so in love with these Just Fab culottes that I’ve worn them every weekend since I got them earlier this month (that’s a lot for me haha). I’ve been dying to own a pair of culottes for a while now but I’ve always backed out as they are so different to anything I’ve owned before. To be honest when I first saw they were trending I often turned my nose up at them and never imagined adding them to my wardrobe. I thought culottes would be really difficult to style but I was really wrong. This has turned out to be such an effortless go-to outfit which can be really flattering, surprisingly! This is a culotte jumpsuit so it is already all matching however if you are wondering how to style culotte trousers, I recommend pairing with a matching top for a smart tailored look. I thought culottes were the complete opposite of chic and sophisticated but they are much for feminine and classy than I thought. I’ll definitely be adding a few more culotte style outfits to my wardrobe!

I used to think culottes had to be styled with heels but they also look great with sandals, trainers or pumps. I would definitely pair these culottes with Vans or Nikes. See Kendall Jenner pairing them with trainers.

On this occasion I decided to wear culottes with peep toe boots with a small chunky heel for that extra bit of height (it’s amazing how much heeled shoes can improve your confidence!). These are the most comfortable shoes I own (it really doesn’t feel like I am wearing ‘heels’) so I highly recommend wearing shoes with a similar style chunky heel for absolute comfort if trainers aren’t your thing.

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