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Street Kitchen Broadgate Circle Review

Suns out, Buns out

The sun made a VERY welcome appearance last week so what better to do than sit outside and eat good food. I made a trip across London on the Central line to Liverpool Street to try out the new Street Kitchen shop in Broadgate Circle.

Street Kitchen Broadgate Circle is the first permanent site from Street Kitchen chefs Jun Tanaka and Mark Jankel. Street Kitchen specialises in serving slow food, fast, which is a new proposition to the foodie scene in London. London is fast paced and many people, including myself, don’t have time to sit down on a lunch break or in between meetings for a nice cooked meal. Street Kitchen allows busy people to buy delicious gourmet food in a matter of minutes.

The chefs are using a fast-food model to deliver slow, sustainable food – hence their slogan ‘slow food, fast’.

As well as hot food, Street Kitchen has a large selection of cakes, pastries, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Street Kitchen sells bespoke sandwiches cut by the inch. The sandwiches are measured against bespoke boards inlaid with vintage yardsticks for quirky ‘cut-to-size’ ordering costing around £4-7.

I was so excited to try the sandwiches as I’ve heard a lot of good things. In the days running up to my visit I seemed to be reading about Street Kitchen everywhere so I had to experience it for myself!

Due to Street Kitchen being very popular there was a limited supply left when we arrived. So get there early, as it’s proving a great success obviously. This didn’t bother us as it showed that the food must be good to sell out so quickly.

We went for the Hot smoked salmon sandwich with pickled red cabbage (£4.75) and the Roast chicken with tarragon mayo sandwich (£5.75). The sandwiches were packed full of tasty ingredients at amazingly cheap street food prices. We did plan to share the burgers between two of us but after one bite, there was no passing it back.

The sandwiches were so juicy and so tasty – definitely beating any sandwich I have ever had before! These babies were the definition of food porn. They were a running down your hands and onto your elbows type of good which you often only find in photographs and not in real life. So satisfying!

We washed the sandwiches down with Posh Pops and Chegworth Valley juice (Chegworth Valley is actually only down the road from me in Kent!).

My Salmon burger was incredible, as you can tell…

Street Kitchen

42 Broadgate Circle


Open for lunch and dinner (7am-9pm)


Thank you Karl Cowell for the fantastic photography as always.

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