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Standon Calling Festival with Ceru

We spent the weekend at Standon Calling Festival with Ceru

Ceru specialises in cuisine from the Levant region – Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel.

#CeruOnTour Last week we went to Standon Calling Festival with Ceru. This was the last festival stop for Ceru as they had previously been at British Summer Time at Hyde Park, Goodwood, Polo in the Park and Bournemouth Rugby Sevens. The souk tent at Standon Calling was a new concept to #CeruOnTour. Ceru brought a bit of the Eastern Mediterranean to Hertfordshire for the weekend. The large souk tent was bright and airy and filled with lots of tables as well as wooden booths, each table with ‘Ceru’ engraved into the wood. A unique element to the festival, Ceru’s Souk Tent was the perfect place to experience sit down dining as a welcome change from sitting on the grass with a burger. Olive trees were slotted into the tables and a table filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables vibrant in colour brightened the tent. So much detail had been put into the look of the tent. It was calm and relaxing, a great place to chill out with good food to escape the festival madness for a little while.

In the evening as the sun went down, candles were placed on the tables for that romantic dinner time vibe. The Ceru Souk Tent was the perfect place for a touch of fine dining during the festival. This is the first time I’ve seen a restaurant like this at a festival and it worked really well.

Ceru’s signature homemade lemonades are must try if you visit their new South Kensington restaurant (opening soon!).

During the festival, Ceru offered two set menus in the Souk Tent. The dishes are made for sharing and it also gives you a chance to sample a variety of dishes without feeling greedy! Sharing food isn’t something I can do easily (I’m like Joey from Friends) but the portions are generous and each dish was very filling and it was a great experience for the tastebuds with a chance to experience a range of flavours. As I’ve been to Ceru before I have tried a variety of their dishes but over the weekend I was able to try a few new dishes. These included the Herb courgette and feta fritters with dill and mint; and Chermoula roasted aubergines with herb yoghurt and spiced roasted almonds. Both dishes were served with the set menus at the festival. I could not get enough of the fritters!

I’ve visited Ceru in the past, at their first pop up in Rathbone Place (review here) and then in Cannon Street. Ceru will be opening their first permanent restaurant in Bute Street, South Kensington in October 2016.

Above is a photograph of the amazing signage outside of the souk tent in Ceru’s signature yellow and blue colours. Keeping with the theme, the team at Ceru wore yellow or blue converse. This added a smart casual and stylish touch to their uniforms. I loved the little touches the team at Ceru put into the brand.

The bar had a large of selection of wines from New Zealand Marlborough Estate to Turkish wine. With top bar men mixing delicious fruity cocktails we were able to sample a few cocktails including the Cucumber Collins and a Mai Tai.

The kitchen was open plan so you could see the talented chefs at work.

I adore the food at Ceru. Everything is so fresh and bursting with flavours and vibrant in natural colour. My favourite has always been the slow roasted shoulder of lamb. So tender it melts in your mouth with a burst of flavour on the tongue with shawarma spices and pomegranate seeds. Above is the Crisp apple, pomegranate and mint salad. All of the food at Ceru is fresh and healthy so I could indulge guilt-free all weekend.

I took a break from the lamb for a moment though and tried the Chicken Shawarma (pictured below) and it was absolutely delicious, as was everything we tried.

Ceru opens in South Kensington in October 2016. More Standon Calling and Ceru posts coming up!

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