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Above: The ‘cringe’ ‘blooper’ photo as we called it hahaha

Everything – Primark

I started my lovely day in London at Tottenham Court Road Primark on Monday. I was specifically after a certain suit which every Primark I’ve been to recently doesn’t have in stock (Check @studdedkissesblog Instagram for photos!). They had it in, but only sizes 18 or 20. I found about five other things I wanted to buy and again all sizes 18 or 20. Of course no problem about the size but that’s around seven items that’s the only size they had left, for such a huge store I expected them to have a lot more stock. I was gutted as I saw so many amazing items which looked more like they were from Topshop than Primark. I guess my bank balance was happy though. I ended up not finding anything lower than a 12 I could buy so instead I treated myself to something in the mens section, as featured here. Along with a Casio watch dupe.

If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen I have been on the look out for a baseball tee, new or vintage. I saw a lot in Brick Lane when I went two weeks ago for £25 to £35. I managed to pick up the white baseball tee for £7 in Primark, which I’m sure many fellow students will agree, more in my price range. It may not be as original but it is exactly what I wanted and within my budget!

I can’t wait until it gets warmer and I can wear this out with knee highs and docs!


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