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Slovakia Continued…

Picture perfect Bratislava.

I miss Bratislava so much. As much as I love London it was so good to escape the manic city life for a couple of days and feel completely relaxed and at ease. Bratislava was so chilled out and everything, including the weather, was absolutely perfect. It was so mild and there was no breeze making it ideal to sit outside and drink a chilled glass of white wine or an ice cold Aperol Spritz and people watch. The city was super relaxed and it was probably the safest I have felt in a city.

Sunglasses – We Go Tokyo

Bodysuit – Bershka

Culottes – Zara

Loafers – Topshop

I love these backgrounds we came across on our way back to our hotel to head to the airport. The basic black bodysuit and culottes contrasts well against the vibrant colours.

So the day before I went to Bratislava I met my family and mum came bearing gifts in the form of these culottes and loafers. I saw these loafers on Instagram and sent a pic to my mum – followed by many heart eye emojis – and hours later they were mine! They are the probably the first pair of Topshop shoes which don’t hurt and I happily walked around the city for hours in them. As the shoes were pretty bright I kept the outfit basic. I’ve featured a culotte jumpsuit on the blog before and was a bit unsure about trying culotte trousers. But I bit the bullet and I’m so happy I did! They are so so comfortable and are easy to wear with so many outfits, surprisingly.

I’ve worn them casual like I have here with loafers and a bodysuit to make it look like a jumpsuit. I’ve worn them ‘super’ casually with a pair of Nike Air Force trainers or I wear them to work with blouses and heeled boots. They are perfect for any occasion and are such a bargain at £19.99. I am tempted to buy them in other colours!

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