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Shopping…oops! (BOOTS DEALS)

This was on my ‘to buy’ list, as it was reduced from £15.99 to £11.99 I had to try it out! Tried it out, not bad so far, although not as impressive as expected 😛

Not another mascara, I have about 8 in my make up bag right now so leaving this in the wrapping until I actually need a new mascara!

I got this as to get the 17 free gift you needed to spend £6 and this was £6.29…

I wanted to try a cream eye shadow but that was £3.99 so not enough, kind of regret not getting it now!

Free gifts!

Not a big fan of eyeliner but I’ll try it out and the bronzer, it’s so small not sure how to wear this…ideas anyone?!

I needed a new Max Factor foundation and if I spent an extra £5 I would get a free gift – I’m such a sucker for free gifts which con me to spend more and receive next to nothing 😛

I wanted to try the flip stick for AGES so this thought it was a good opportunity to get it now.

So excited to try this out!

Free gifts in the Max Factor box were pretty good, so far tried out the nail polish and mascara and the mascara is amazing. So reviews to come! Will try out the rest ASAP.

Had to retake this photo as my boyfriend thought it was funny to delete the photos because he hates my blog…

For £12 I thought this bag was great quality, will def be bringing this on holiday this week 😀

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