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Shopping in Canterbury!

Yesterday I spent the day with my family and the evening with my boyfriend in Canterbury 🙂 I did a bit too much shopping as usual, I think I have a problem!

Here are some photos and instagrams of my day in Canterbury 🙂

You can get some really nice photos in Canterbury, it’s quite different to most Kent towns. Shame it rained all day, will go back soon and get some better photos on a sunnier day!

I gave my mum her Mother’s day present a day early while we had ‘brunch’.

The charm I got for Mother’s day from Westfield Shepherds Bush on Tuesday.

I like taking photos of food, I’m weird like that haha.

The best cheesy chips! With a red berries & lime Bulmers.

Photos with my family, was drenched all day from the rain!

Sunday morning, went to the pub the night before to celebrate St Patricks day. Got to try a snakebite and new Brothers ginger cider 😛

Above is my coffee and breakfast wrap in Wetherspoons, I’m ALWAYS there!

I always see the photo of the breakfast wrap in Wetherspoons – because I’m there SO often – and want to puke because it looks disgusting. I was proved wrong, it was actually so nice!!

Ducks in the car park in Canterbury. Aw!


Here are photos of some of the things I bought Saturday, I feel so guilty now I need to stop spending!

How cute are these lip glosses from H&M?

Must admit I bought them because of the packaging really! But they smell lovely and they are only £1.99! I bought the apple one and the orange one is my mums 🙂

The donuts are such unusual mirrors but that’s why I love them. The donut bit is all squishy – like a stress ball – which I can’t stop touching 😛 my mum bought us one each, we were little shocked they were £6.99 each. Little steep? These were from a skinhead/mod shop in Canterbury – The Emporium.

My mum bought these Converse, I’m really loving the colour. Burgundy/red wine was really in A/W 2011.

Luckily we are the same size so I may have to steal them! I wanted to buy leopard print, light green or red converse but I already have 8-9 pairs and I don’t even wear them that much.

My mum bought this bag in River Island, I’d love to get one similar in a darker colour!

I’ve always wanted one of these, this is my mums and my dad has about 4 now in different colours! I want it in red wine colour but the store didn’t have my size so I might order online (and sometimes steal this!)

Here: combat-harrington-wine.jpg

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