• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Selfridges Lucky Bag

I bought this for my mum for her birthday (which isn’t until January but I’m too organised!)

But after her helping me out the other weekend when I was locked out I gave it to her early (& my dad got a David Bowie book)


Here what was inside:

I was little disappointed as a lot of the products were things my mum doesn’t use, like fake tan and nail art, but she was so pleased and said she would try it all out. Plus it is a Lucky bag after all so what can you expect!

What was inside:







The bag cost £15 + £4.95 delivery

I looked up out how much each product in the bag cost to find how much the Lucky Bag was worth!

Nail Whitening Soak – £2.50

James Read Wash Off Tan 30ml – £2.78 (worth)

Anatomicals Body Cleanser 300ml – £6

Nail Art Nail Striping Tape – £2.99

Anatomicals Lip Balm – £2.55

Beauty Candy – can’t find price

Total: £16.82 (I doubt the beauty candy would bump the price up more)

I’m really disappointed as the bag is just over the £15 and when I saw some previews other bags were around £40-55 so I expected a lot more 🙁

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