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Rum Masterclass with The Duppy Share

Rum tasting with The Duppy Share at The Fellow

Summer of Rum has recently launched at Young’s Pubs and Geronimo Inns and we went for a taster with The Duppy Share.

The Duppy Share is a 3-year-old blend of Barbadian and Jamaican rum.

During our visit we were able to have a taste as well as a variety of other rums including rums from Jamaica, Barbados as well as White and Navy rums. Between each rum we cleansed our palates with crackers.

With each tasting we poured an equal measure of water with the rum. We documented our tasting notes through drawing a spider diagram, for example these were based on the colour, sweetness and tropical fruit taste. I found that my favourite were the Rum and Jamaica rums as they were sweeter and lighter coloured rums.

At the end of tasting, based on our notes and favourite rums we tasted, we were able to create our own rums!

We were given bottles to fit with 200ml of rum and the opportunity to mix the rums to make our own and name it!

I decided to mix 100ml of White rum with 100ml of Jamaica rum for a light coloured, sweet rum which wasn’t too oaky.

Our finished rums! IN LOVE with the name of my one, I think I need to trademark it. (Thanks to the help of The Duppy Share team who helped me name it!)

The tastings and masterclasses will be taking place this month and in August: Duppy Share Rum Blending Masterclasses Trafalgar Arms (Tooting) – 20 July Burger Shack & Bar (Wimbledon) – 26 July Leman Street Tavern (Whitechapel) – 3 August Duke on the Green (Parsons Green) – 4 August The Canonbury (Islington) – 25 August

Tickets costs £15 and can be purchased on the following links: www.youngs.co.uk/events  www.geronimo-inns.co.uk/home/whatson

If you do go to an event make sure you include the hashtag #SummerofRum on your Twitter and Instagram posts!

You can try making your own cocktails with The Duppy Share:

Duppy Shadow

50ml The Duppy Share

100ml Coca Cola

100ml Ginger beer

Fired Dup

50ml The Duppy Share

200ml Ginger beer

Dash of lime cordial

Garnish with a wedge of lime

The Duppy Conqueror (Serves 15)

700ml The Duppy Share

350ml Fresh lime juice

420ml Sugar syrup

(250g sugar dissolved in 250 ml water)

210ml Water

Mix, serve over lots of ice and finish with a dash of Angostura Bitters, wedge of lime and a grate of nutmeg.

Photography by myself and Natalie Marsh.

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